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Salaam Women's Group



Assalamualaikum Sisters, 

The group is affiliated to the Masjid and meets occasionally. Information regarding the meetings can be found on our Facebook Page. In addition to our meetings we have activities, outings and social events at other times.

The Salaam Women's Group aims to provide a social and supportive environment within which members can cultivate strong friendships, thus countering the possibility of social isolation. It also offer activities and opportunities for women to develop themselves spiritually, educationally, physically and practically. We aim to foster social cohesion and enhance the image of women by participating in activities within the wider community and by providing activities for our children in a safe, loving environment.


Nageena Ahmed, a fantastically motivational midwife who believes in empowering to women during childbirth. It was this approach to care, alongside the devastating situation in Syria and related countries, that sparked an innovative idea, which led to a brand new charitable organisation called Women Surviving War.


So what does Women Surviving War aim to achieve? Well, the charity aims "to provide basic sanitary care for women affected by poverty and to assist women to cope with their menstrual cycles and help fulfil their integral human need(www.womensurvivingwar.com/our-vision).




The Fempack is a survival kit created by the Charity. Having been designed with a woman in mind, it combines the fundamental requirements of a woman's day to day activities with simple, eco-friendly resources to create the ultimate survival pack!


Visit www.womensurvivingwar.com for more information.



 Many people don't understand the meaning or purpose of the Hijab. This can be a great obstacle to overcome, especially for Muslim women.

This is the true story of a Muslim woman's journey to discover the true meaning of the Hijab.





Not too long ago, we had a rather succesful Autumn Party. Several women and children, inlcuding guests also attended. There were many sales going on, in particular cake bakes- which proved to be a massive hit to the children! We hope to do another party soon, but we need your help.


Here are a few pictures from the party.