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Where Will Your Donations Be Used?

Ongoing Projects & Goals

  • Creating an open-plan layout to refurbish both Main Prayer Halls → SEE BELOW FOR MORE DETAILS

  • Appointment of a Full-Time Imam

  • An all-new Wudhu area for the use of ladies

  • Meeting monthly bills and general maintenance of the Mosque

  • Extension of Main Prayer Hall to accommodate busy summer period and Taraweeh Prayers [completed]

  • Replacement of 2 central heating boilers (current ones will not survive much longer) [completed]

  • New Security Door at 1st Floor Fire Exit (as advised by the Police) [completed]

The Main Redevelopment Project

We are currently in the process of raising funds to expand the Masjid:

    1. Main Prayer Hall(s)

  • Ground Floor area of the Masjid is designated for male use and for teaching classes (TBC)

  • Main two rooms have undergone gradual development over the years with the purchase of fixed prayer mats and a enhanced area for the Imam

  • The masjid has a quick filling capacity in these front two rooms. Nevertheless, the backdoor slides open to allow access to a temporary extension built to accommodate the busy period during summer

  • We aim to create a full open plan layout, to allow all the brothers to comfortably pray and be able to see and hear the Imam directly, rather than being dependant upon speakers. This would replace few walls inside to allow for that access

  • Details on plans will be Coming Soon

  • 2. The Ladies Area

  • The ladies area is located on the First Floor.

  • This is a very minimalist space for the use of several sisters that come to join us for Jummah and Taraweeh Prayers

  • The community has formed a 'Salaam Womens Group', the members of this group occasionally meet to discuss issues and perform various activities

  • Group often meet away from the masjid. It would be favoured to allow them to meet in sufficient space inside the Masjid- this would also allow us to invite guests from the community to join them

  • We aim to create a full open plan layout to allow sisters to pray comfortably and enhance the existing Wudhu (Ablutions) Area

  • We also aim to create Classroom Space for future Quran and Arabic Classes (God Willing)